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What Is A Trademark?

A Trademark may be created in the form of graphic, symbol, sign or word and it must be applied to your business, services or goods to differentiate from rest of the competitors. The trademark is considered as the badge for your business origin along with its products and brands. A Brand Trademark Registration normally refers to be logo or brand. The trademark is the precious business assets and the valid trademark right will allow the business owner to safeguard others from taking advantage of the company brand or copying the name of the business.

Unlike copyrights or patterns, trademark does not expire after a limited time period. Trademark rights arrive from the real usage and hence it can last forever – so that you can continue to use the brand logo for commerce to show your business services and goods. The Logo Trademark Registration is quite useful for any business to protect their property. Thus, the trademarks are highly protected by means of intellectual property rights. Trademarks must not be in descriptive form & must not have common surnames, registered company names, geographical names or anything implying the royal patronage. The trademark can be provided on a label, a package, a voucher or at the product itself.

Why need Trademark Registration

Trademark can be developed as a logo, a design, an expression or anything which signifies that a product or an organization belonging to a specific firm or individual or organization. If you own a business, then you must certainly get the catchy and unique trademark which sticks into people mind. Here are the reasons why Brand Trademark Registration is essential for any business.

  • Provide Uniqueness To Business Brand: You can register the business brand as the trademark which makes your business to stand apart.Trademark provides uniqueness to your business brand so everybody will feel quite easy to remember the product.
  • Trademarks Are Valuable: When your business developers, the trademark also seem to be highly valuable. When you & your business do great then trademarks seems to be valuable.
  • Helps In Business Growth: If you are a popular business and have branded trademark then most of the people will trust your business brand easily. It does not matter which field you belong to, you can easily expand your business by having a unique business trademark.
  • Trademark Stays forever: By doing Logo Trademark Registration, your business brand will be remembered forever. Thus, it seems like purchasing unique trademark for business and enjoying it forever.

What Can Be Trademarked?

A word, device, phrase, symbol or colors are found applicable for Online Trademark Registration. Anything which differentiates the products of your company or party from other competitors can be easily trademarked. Trademarks come with 10-year protection span. Trademarks are quite important for:

  • Distinguishing your company products or goods from others
  • Distinguishing your business services from others
  • Signifies a membership in the union
  • Signifies the source of business goods
  • Provide permission or other firms for co-branding

A trademark symbol also makes customers know about your business and its associated products. This is particularly essential when two firms of same industry seem to have a similar name.  To get eligible for the trademark protection, the mark must act as the good source to identify the specific service or good. There are three different types of TM Application online such as collective marks, certification marks, trademarks & service marks.

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It is essential to note that just by having trademark does not signify that you own domination about logo, name or symbol. Instead, you can only manage the interest over logo or name & the connection between services or goods.  The difficult TM Application online to register includes of:

  • Generic names
  • Surnames indicating the goods
  • Deceptive names
  • Descriptive names which cannot be differentiated from other products
  • Names which include a geographic location

Eligibility for Trademark Registration

When a business or individual wants to get a trademark registration for their organization, there are numerous questions regarding this process. First of all, you have to determine whether the trademark is quite applicable for registration purpose. If so, then perform a trademark search to analyze whether any existing trademark registration matches with your proposed one. Once the trademark got registered, it will be filed in the public record of the trademark office.

  • The legal requirements which must be followed before registering a trademark in India are:
  • The chosen trademark must be capable of being represented in graphical form
  • It must distinguish the services of goods from other who undertakes the same product
  • It must be used to indicate your services or goods

If you planning to apply for trademark registration to make your business stand unique from others then it is essential to consider for trademark registration online. Before you decide to apply for trademark registration, it is essential to ensure that you are found eligible for the registration process. To become eligible for the registration, the owner must be

  • An individual
  • An incorporated association
  • A company
  • More than any of these ( in terms of multiple owners)

A trademark registration can be considered by

  • A body working under legislation (like registered charity)
  • An unincorporated association (for collective trademark alone)

The applicant

  • Should be in the trustee name rather than trust name
  • Must be the owner of the company which is to be registered
  • Can’t be a trading name or business name
  • Must be the corporation name & not in the name of shareholders and directors

You must make use of new and distinct trademark in relation to the services or goods to avail numerous benefits. The registration process can be either done by the individual or an organization to reap tremendous benefits.

Advantages Of Trademark Registration

A good Logo Trademark Registration seems to be easily remembered by the customers and it will never lose its distinctive character and uniqueness. Before you consider applying for TM Application online, it is essential to know about its benefits.

  • Build Goodwill And Trust: The quality of your services or product is well-known for everyone through trademark and it will create goodwill and trust among clients in the market. It aids in creating customers permanently who are loyal & always sticks to the similar brand.
  • Building Value: Potential investors are highly interested in knowing whether the business trademark has created positive impact regarding the services or products offered by them. The Online Trademark Registration is not only quite useful in improving security rather it also assists clarity in any franchising or merger of the business, thus positively impacting its value.
  • Exclusive Rights: Logo Trademark Registration will provide the proprietor with the right to use the mark exclusively with respect to services or goods covered by it. The most important fact behind the registration of a trademark is vital remedies against unauthorized usage. A trademark registration permits the business owner to sue for infringement & get powerful remedies like damages, interdict or delivering infringing articles.
  • Differentiate Product: It seems to be simple for customers to acquire your products. Therefore, it makes your identity product or goods different from the existing competitors and serves as the powerful commercial tool as well.The business logo can easily communicate your quality, vision and distinct characteristic of your organization or company.

Creation of Asset: Online Trademark Registration creates an intangible asset that is the intellectual property of an organization. However, a registered trademark is known to be the right created that can be franchised, assigned, sold or commercially contracted. Moreover, the trademark seems to be the intangible asset that offers utmost advantages for any organization.

Documents required for trademark registration

A Brand Trademark Registration is known to be the visual symbol which distinguishes business services or goods from other offering similar services and goods. However, a registered trademark is considered as intellectual property and intangible asset for a business and hence protects the business investment in terms of symbol or brand. Submission of required documents is mandatory for applying for TM Application online. Non-submission of mandatory documents might end up in delay or rejection of trademark application processing. The following documents are needed for the Online Trademark Registration.

  • Copy of the brand name, logo, trademark etc which applicants need for creating their trademark
  • Must enclose power of attorney copy which is duly signed by the registering applicant on 100 Rupees stamp paper
  • If the applicant owns a company, then it is necessary to submit incorporation certificate copy. If the trademark is for individual then enclose details of applicant name, citizenship details, address proof etc.
  • Details of service or products for which Brand Trademark Registration is needed.
  • If the company or entrepreneur apply for the trademark which is used by them already then it must include the data on which trademark must be used.

A Brand Trademark Registration can be registered, if it is unique from other competitors. A proposed trademark which is identical or same as the existing registered trademark could not be registered easily. Apart from that, the Online Trademark Registration cannot be registered when it is offensive, deceptive, generic, and not distinctive and includes specially protected emblems.

Documents for individual

If you are applying for Logo Trademark Registration as a person, then the following documents must be submitted

  • Power of Attorney
  • Trademark Questionnaire or Passport/Driving License/Aadhaar or PAN.

For LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)

  • Board Resolution
  • Power of Attorney
  • Trademark Questionnaire

For PLC (Private Limited Company)

  • Power of Attorney
  • Board Resolution
  • Trademark Questionnaire

For Partnership

  • Power of Attorney
  • Trademark Questionnaire
Trademark Registration Plans

Basic Plan

Trademark Search Report
  • Get Tour Trademark Search Report
  • Classification of your Item/Product as per Trademark act

Advanced Plan

Trademark Application
  • Trademark Search Report
  • Trademark Application Filling in one class

Platinum Plan

Trademark Registration + MSME
  • Trademark Search Report
  • Trademark Application Filling in one class
  • MSME

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